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Since the company foundation in 1900, ROWA has orientated its business activities strictly to the requirements of the changing markets and technological progress.

Today ROWA is a reliable partner and series supplier to the automotive industry and to its system suppliers.

The textile industry is also a significant partner: Many big brands use our quilt fleeces e. g. for high class outdoor jackets.

Mattress and upholstery manufacturers are also among our customers as important producers of home textiles.

As a specialized producer for technical fleeces and customized articles ROWA manufactures for example a wide range of filter fleeces for gaseous and liquid media. ROWA filter fleeces are especially durable and meet valid EU-standards.

While sales in the sixties were limited to Germany, in the meantime ROWA is supplying into the international market. Satisfied ROWA customers can be found all over Europe, North- and Central-America, Asia and South-Africa.

No matter if it is automotive, textile of filter industry - Rowa quality products always fulfill highest demands.

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